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Your Customers NEED PermaSafe!

Feb 20, 2020 | |

Medical expert, Liz Meszaros of, recommends a thorough cleaning with antimicrobial products every few weeks to avoid potential health risks:

“Your car is a petri dish on wheels. This is because it’s filled with touch points—surfaces like doorknobs, phone screens, food trays on planes, and kitchen counters, for example—that are frequently handled and, therefore, contain hazardous bacteria, including fecal matter.

And if you snack or eat in your car—and who doesn’t?—all the rotting food particles (i.e., crumbs) can become breeding grounds for all of these bacteria to flourish in. conducted a study and found that, on average, 700 strains of bacteria are moldering away in most cars. For example, the average steering wheel has about 629 colonyforming units (CFU) per square centimeter. This makes it four times dirtier than a public toilet seat. Touching the steering wheel, then biting your nails, wiping your nose, or eating while you are driving exposes your body to these bacteria, opening the door to illness.

Your A/C vents are like a hotel for mold spores. When your A/C vents get damp, mold may start to form. This mold, in turn, can be carried in the flow of air that blasts from the vents when you turn on your A/C or heat. And chances are, you have them aimed right at your face for maximum cooling or heating.”

Meszaros recommends regularly cleaning frequent touchpoints with chemical disinfectants and periodically running your A/C system for extended amounts of time, but these remedies are only band-aids.

With PermaSafe, a Single Treatment Permanently solves this potentially life-threatening problem.

PermaSafe is the only antimicrobial air & surface protectant system that perpetually kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria & viruses for the life of the vehicle.

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