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Customer Loyalty: A Key to Success

Feb 20, 2020 | |

Are you looking to reprioritize brand loyalty at your dealership? Customer retention is essential for maintaining market share in your area and ensuring your success long into the future. If your dealership’s only focus is attracting new customers, you’re missing out.

Experts agree that investing in customer retention can pay dividends for your dealership, so here are some simple ways to get started:

Provide A Great Experience

It sounds obvious, but a solid customer relationship begins with a great experience. You don’t have to make any grand gestures; solving your customers’ issues and getting them into a vehicle with minimal hassle and undesirable surprises is all that is required. This step can be the difference between a lifetime of return visits to the dealership and the customer never coming back.

Design a Loyalty Program

Many dealerships design a program specifically designed to keep existing customers coming back through your door. Possibilities might include discounted rates on parts or service for repeat customers, or a referral program which provides a financial reward when a customer refers someone else who ultimately makes a purchase.

Excel in Service

After the sale is done, service can be the determining factor that keeps you in the game with a customer. The guaranteed revenue stream isn’t the only win in convincing your customers to sign up for a service plan; it gives you another opportunity to impress and build rapport. The more effective interactions, the more likely they are to return in the future.

Invest in Your Messaging

Many customers already have an idea of the vehicle they want, but a proactive digital presence can put your dealership to top of mind during the research process. In this day and age, a comprehensive social media presence, as well as a website that is easy to navigate, are both important components in your dealership’s visibility. An email marketing blast that is focused on customer loyalty can also be a part of a winning strategy.