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6 Tips for Motivating Your Sales Team

Feb 20, 2020 |
Top sales manager and customer at dealership showroom.

When it comes to the success of a sales team, the right motivation can make all the difference. Extravagant  kickoff meetings and big commissions only go so far when it comes to inspiring employees at your dealership; here are six real ways you can help to eliminate the obstacles to engagement and set your sales team up for success:

Communicate the Mission Clearly: If your sales employees can’t see the big picture, they won’t be able to see where their role fits in. It’s the management team’s job to ensure that the employees are engaged, so it’s good to explain what the organizational goals mean and why they are important to the success of the dealership as a whole.

Recognize Successes: Recognition is an important part of motivation; make an effort to acknowledge the successes of team members, even if they seem small. And it doesn’t have to be just sales – for instance, it can be good to celebrate a team member’s commitment to, for example, customer retention. Sharing these wins with the rest of the dealership can increase the sense of morale-building.

Build Trust: Trust is an essential part of a successful team dynamic, and employees that don’t have confidence in the organization are unlikely to be inspired to perform well on the sales floor. Where it’s possible, it’s best to be open and transparent with your sales team, and try to solve problems without reprimanding or casting blame.

Encourage Development: Fostering growth in your employees is essential to keeping your best performance at your dealership. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, and always consider the team’s creative ideas In addition to just their sales goals, consider setting other targets to help build a team member’s experience.

Involve Others: Siloed departments throughout Making the sales goals a part of the  larger top-down effort is a good way to get buy-in from everyone.Bringing in marketing, customer support, and service in with sales is a good way to build rapport throughout the dealership and give everyone a seat at the table.

Create a Positive Selling Culture: A sales team can be a high-stress environment, so it’s important to create a positive environment will help to inspire success. Motivational quotes are great, but walk the walk by setting clear goals and highlighting your team’s strengths It can be difficult to break old habits, but you’ll see results when it comes to profitability and longevity.